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January 3, 2011

Thoughts on a New Business
In an effort to get thoughts out of my head and shared with the few whom decide to read this, I am starting a blog about the beer industry and its daily occurrences. My good friend, Harry Schumacher, has got it right in his daily ramblings through his Beer Business Daily. It’s hard to believe Harry writes about what is happening in the beer business daily, and many days he has enough for several days.  What a great subject to write about!

This new venture of mine is exciting and has given me the opportunity I have always wanted to follow my own thoughts and desires. Most importantly, I'm not be restricted regarding what I say or think. Being able to do this in an industry that I truly love is even that much more fun. Starting in this business while attending college at Texas Tech University, I never would have dreamed that this industry would have given me the opportunities it has and allowed me to meet so many wonderful people.

At the same time that I am relishing in the excitement of a new venture, I am humbled by what it takes to start a new business. It is not always about having relationships, but having trusting relationships in which clients and peers keep what you discuss in confidence. So off I go, spreading the word of “GBS,” and building that ring of trusting relationships that will be the foundation of my business going forward.
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